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B.C.Tech (Bachelor of Computer Technology)
Subject Code Field of Study
M Myanmar
E English
P Physics
CST 101 Introduction to Computer System
Digital Logic Fundamental
CST 102 Mathematics of Computing I
CST 103 Computer Application Technique I
Data Structure
CST 104 Programming Logic and Design
Object Oriented Programming in C++
Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CT 201 Java Programming Language
CT 202 Mathematics of Computing II
CT 203 Digital Logic Fundamental II
Advanced Data Structure
CT 204 Database Management System
System Analysis and Design
CT 205 Computer Application Technique II
CT 206 Electrical Circuit I
Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CT 301 Computer Organization
Operation Systems
CT 302 Mathematics of Computing III
CT 303 Data Communication I
Computer Networking
CT 304 Electronic I
CT 305 Linear Control System I
Digital Design System II
CT 306 Electronic Circuit II
Assembly Language
Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CT 401 Artificial Intelligence
Database Management System
CT 402 Mathematics of Computing
CT 403 Electronics II
Final Year Project
CT 404 Computer Architecture
CT 405 Computer Control System II
Introduction to Cryptography
CT 406 Computer Networking
Subject Code Field of Study
E English
CST 501 Mathematics of Computing (V)
CST 502 Distributed Systems & Advanced Networking
CT 503 Computer System Fundamentals
CT 504 Embedded Systems
Network Security
CT 505 Image Processing and Computer Vision
Digital Signal Processing
Computer Universities
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