Cyber security is becoming universal problem and affecting entire mankind directly or indirectly. It has become a every national top most priority to ensure a safe and healthy environment in cyber space. The University of Computer study, Yangon understand the magnitude of the problem and wants to be forerunner in to the development of strong research base that may help the society in general and industry in specific. UCSY, Yangon has created a facility with the state of art research facility to attract young research at national and international level to utilize and contribute to the development of our vision. UCSY,Yangon is committed to ensure adequate availability of resources for promotion and development of research in the area of cyber security. We welcome you all to join our efforts in solving this global threat to mankind.

Vission & Mission

     - To foster other scientific aspects of security, certainly mathematics especially for cryptology, but also legal, commercial, management aspects;

        - And to promote the human and social sciences for a better understanding of security issues.

Aim of Research

The aim of the centre of cyber security research & development will be to attract researchers for working in the various areas such as computer science, forensics science , mathematics, law, psychology, criminology, computer network and other allied areas and to provide them a facility that can be used for experiment and also to provide rich library so that they can provide good results.

Domain of Research

  • Intelligent Method for Cyber Security Problem
  • Data mining for Network Security Problem
  • Application Vulnerability Testing Methods
  • Modeling and Simulations
  • Digital Forensics
  • Security in Adhoc Network
  • Security in Distributed & Mobile Computing
  • Security & Privacy in Social Media

Members of WMC Lab

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