In 2013, an effort to meet the growing demand for people with the skills and knowledge required designing, building and maintaining computer networks, UCSY launched the Cisco Network Lab ("the Academy Program"). Through the Academy Program, Cisco Network Lab is provided with the possibility of integrating a curriculum in computer networking that has been developed by Cisco as part of the institution's educational offerings. UCSY is committed to provide up to date quality course materials to students and teachers as well as appropriate methods of training delivery, and are satisfied that Academy Program meets these requirements for college and university teaching. Cisco Network Lab is also committed to ensure the independent research capabilities and wide-range of knowledge.

Aim of Research

The aim of the Cisco Network Lab

  • To integrate Cisco Networking Academy curricula into the existing degree program of UCSY.
  • To offer equipment and facility to ensure proper use of equipment in Hands-On(practice).
  • To ensure Networking Academy Student Access.

Domain of Research

  • Research on Wireless Communications
  • Research on Networked Systems
  • Research on Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Research on Software-Defined Network

Members of Cisco Network Lab

Dr. Zin May Aye

Computer Universities
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