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Nowadays, Remote Sensing (RS) technology is widely used in various fields such as: Environmental Studies, Thematic map, water resource management etc. Interested Information such as: the urban area, vegetation, water and bare soil etc. will be extracted from remotely sensed images by using Digital Image Processing. Satellite data has been successfully used since the 1970's. The principal applications have been for weather prediction, to monitor global environment conditions, and geographical and geological applications.

Climate changes and population growth cause increasing pressure around the world's highlands. Especially, change detection methods with high-resolution satellite imagery are very useful for the missions of inspecting on the earth such as environmental monitoring, circumstantial analysis of disaster damage, inspection of illegal buildings, the military use and so on, which cannot be achieved by low- or middle-resolution satellite imagery.

Satellite images of before and after Tsunami

The goal of this research is detecting the environmental changes from satellite image that could affect the globe in the future conditions like pollution, global climate change, natural resource management, urban growth, and much more and trend across large geographic areas from a subset of a Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) multispectral image to use in GIS.

This research work also aims to present a review of recent image registration methods for detecting the environmental changes. The reviewed approaches are classified according to their nature (area based and feature-based) and according to four basic steps of image registration procedure: feature detection, feature matching, mapping function design, and image transformation and resampling. The intended result is to detect the damage area and to recover the lost data after the Tsunami effect from the satellite image by using image registration method.


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